Hi, my Name is Natascha, but you may know me as Knightess Rouge. I’m a self-taught costume maker and gamer from Germany.

I started to create costumes as a way to express my love for my favourite characters, but it developed into so much more. It gives me joy to learn new things and to see a costume come together and hence come to life in my workshop is an incredible feeling.

When I’m not in my workshop, I enjoy playing videogames, watching movies or reading fantasy books.

How did you start cosplaying?
I was always a very passionate and creative person. In school I used to write stories and even roleplayed as my favorite characters with my friends. When I first discovered that there are people who actually make the costumes of their favorite characters and dress up like them, I knew I just HAD to give it a try!

I got a cheap sewing machine from my aunt and taught myself sewing by trial and error. My first costume was a total mess, but I had the best day of my life, so I decided to dive deeper into this hobby.

Growing up very shy, Cosplay helped me to become more confident about myself. To wear a costume gives me the power and self-assurance of the character, but it’s also the joy and love to share the love for the character with other people. It’s the best feeling!

I have big plans for the future and want to try out new techniques and materials to expand my knowledge.

If you have any questions or suggestions for my website, feel free to contact me through my contact form. Happy Cosplay!

What I specialize in:

   Costume & Prop Fabrication

  3D Modeling & Printing

   How-to Videos & Tutorials