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You’ve probably wondered why there isn’t much going on here or on my social media channels lately. This is not, because I stopped working on costumes.. actually it is quite the opposite. I am working on many new costumes and also a lot of exciting content for my website right now.

Instead of just using this as a portfolio, I would like it to be a place of learning and inspiration. People like Kamui Cosplay (Buy her books!), Evil Ted and Punished Props, who not only post their cosplay photos, but also explain how they make things, inspired me so much and helped me improve my skills immensely.

Sharing knowledge and helping people is so much more fun than just the hunt for likes, which is why I want my little website to become a place where anyone who wants to start cosplaying will find help and hopefully some inspiration to go their own path and give this beautiful hobby a try.

So, in the following months you will not only find photos of my newest costumes here, but also tutorials, material reviews, informations on where I buy my materials, videos and more. I can’t wait to show you all the new things that are going on in my life now and I feel incredibly grateful for the support I received over the last years.

Happy Cosplay!

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