plox: Levitating Bluetooth Death Star Speaker

Hello and welcome to my new Blog! Instead of importing my old blog posts, I decided to re-write them for you and update them with better photos and new informations. I hope they will be a help and I can’t wait to hear back from you all.

Today I would like to present the newest addition to my Star Wars collection. The levitating Bluetooth Death Star speaker!

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After opening the package I found this beautiful box inside. It’s finally mine!!

Will it really levitate? let’s find out!

The box in the box.

Inside the box we got the Death Star, it’s base and all the charging cables.

Isn’t it beautiful?

The base itself.

Backside of the base, on/off button.

Backside of the Death Star. On/Off button.

Important: The base needs to be powered.

Of course I first read the manual to do everything correctly.

Plug the charging cable into the Death Star and charge it until the light is green, then you are ready to start!

Put the helper on the base, turn the base on and then put the Death Star on top until you can feel it floating.

Now you can remove your little helper and see the Death Star levitate on your base without any help.

It’s working!

It is not just floating there, it also rotates.

Now let’s start the music! Turn your Death Star on by pressing the button for a longer time. As soon as you heard the ‚beep‘, you can connect a device with the Death Star and start playing your music.

What can I say? I love it. The sound quality is superb, it is easy to use and the display factor of this product is just amazing. I keep staring at it, because it’s just so interesting to watch and definitely the best Bluetooth speaker I ever owned. A must-have for every Star Wars fan. I applaud to the start-up company plox for developing such an amazing and unique collectors item and giving us fans something to enjoy.

If you want your own levitating Bluetooth Death Star speaker, check out their website and spread the word about them. They totally deserve it!

You can also find a video of the Death Star on my Instagram.

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